April box mystery item

These instructions are provided as additional visual aids. Please refer to the instructions included in your kit.

Step 1: you'll need a ruler and a sharpie
Step 2: don't have a red and blue marker? color just one end with a black sharpie!
Step 3: create the start point (4 beads)
Step 4: follow numbers and direction of arrows to continue
Step 5: continue beading - you'll notice a chain of clusters starting to form
Step 6: start the second row: you will be picking up the top middle beads from the first row
Step 7: tie the knot to secure. do not cut the string! we will need this to make the ears.
Step 8: build the ears on top of the head by stringing through the shaded beads
Step 9: flip upside down to build the bottom half of the head
Step 10: continue building the body from the neck down
Step 11: attach the arms and legs by strining through the beads on the body
Step 12: attach the chain to the star, with the optional headphone jack plug
All Done! Share your finished beadwork with us by using hashtag #skoshbox
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