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Takara Bako means treasure chest in Japanese

Takara Bako!

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Each month, 2 lucky members receive a surprise box stuffed with treasures found only in Japan!

May Otaku box

May Otaku Set

Gudetama Cream Sandwich Cookies, Mario 8Bit Diecut Clips, Link 8Bit Figurine, Gudetama Playing Cards, Splatoon Amiibo Set, Smash Brothers Pikachu Amiibo, Ultraman Face Pack, Super Mario Raccoon Plush, Zelda Skull Kid Figurine, Smash Brothers Mario Amiibo, Digimon Blind Box Character Clip, Pokemon Black 2 Series Playing Cards, Tangerine Shaped Candies, Pretz China: Mabo Tofu Flavor, Pretz Thailand: Spicy Larb Flavor, Digimon Blind Box Figurine, Digimon Tumbler Cup, Rockman E Sports Drink, Sapporo Beer Flavored Drop Candy, Daruma Tin Tea Set

May Kawaii box

May Kawaii Set

Rilakkuma Kigurumi (One Size,) Tentacle Kitty Plush, Pusheen Coffee Mug, Sumikko Gurashi: Neko Plush, Gudetama Cream Sandwich Cookies, Hello Kitty Jewel Watch, Danboard Mini Lightup Figurine, Sumikko Gurashi Playing Cards, Figma Sakura Uniform Series: Figurine Kit, Hatsune Miku Racing Sports Drink, Gudetama Face Pack, XL Matcha Caramel Corn Snack, Pokemon Y Series Playing Cards, Totoro 3D Character Jigsaw Puzzle Figure, Sapporo Beer Flavored Drop Candy, Tangerine Candies, Pikachu Knee-High Socks, Hello Kitty x Loungefly Wallet, Sumikko Gurashi Character Tumbler Cup

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April Otaku box

Brittany I.

Sprited Away Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle, Kabuki Style Face Mask, Totoro and Soot Sprite Mini Figurines, Totoro Mini Pebble Package, Totoro Japanese Lacquer Bowl, Attack on Titan Coasters, Deadpool Bobble Head, Domokun Tumbler Cup, Domokun Plush, Megaman Card Pack, Fairy Tail Playing Cards, Dragon Ball Z Puzzle Set, Rukia Bleach Figurine, Tokyo Station Pikachu Folder, Emporer Penguin Nanoblock Kit, Samurai Stacking Bento Box, Full Metal Alchemist Plush, Ninja Turtles Plush, Japanese Wash Cloth, Monster Hunter Chips, Asuna Sword Art Online Figurine, Dragon Quest Slime USB Air Humidifer, Aqua Fish Candy

April Kawaii box

Megan R.

Ninja Kitty Plush, Hello Kitty Tupperware Set, Turtle Nanoblock Kit, Doraemon Hi Chew Candy, Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma Plush Set, Kuroi-Koibito Cookies, Pikachu Slowbro Costume Plush, Pusheen Mini Plush, Alpaca Stationery Letter Set, Hello Kitty Star Projector Kit, Cup Hanging Hello Kitty Blind Box Toy, Japanese Style Origami, Kabuki Style Face Mask, Mini Shiba Dog Plush, Bento Toothpick Friends, Pikachu Cookies Collectible Tin, Tokyo Station Pikachu Folder, Jiji Cat Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle, Totoro Plush, Totoro Mini Pebble Package, Totoro Japanese Lacquer Bowl, Catbus and Jiji Cat Mini Figurines

October Otaku box