Black Thunder Bar

Black Thunder Bar


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Big Thunder Chocolate Bar with Cookie Filling.
This item is very popular in Japan! Each order contains 5 bars of Big Thunder Chocolate.

Sugar, palm oil, wheat flour, cocoa, lactose, milk powder, skim milk powder, cacao mass, high fructose corn syrup, shortening, corn flour, corn syrup powder, whey powder, salt, cocoa butter, sorbitol, leavening, emulsifier, calcinated calcium, artificial flavor

November 07, 2016

Best Candy Bar

Chocolatey and delicious but light and airy as well. This is my favorite Japanese snack right now (even edging out Hot Buttered Corn Pretz!). Please bring it back!

  • Evilbeard
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Age: 35-44
  • Purchased for: Me