Whistling Ramune Candy

Whistling Ramune Candy


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Utility truck edition Whistling Ramune candy- blow through the hole to whistle! Great for kids!

Glucose, sugar, oliosaccharide, emulsifier, citric acid, pullurlan, modified starch, artificial flavor, calcium lactate, anthocyanin

May 06, 2016

Kids love them! They will also love you more too!

I gave these to my 4-year-old niece and she had a hard time eating them because she wouldn't stop using them to whistle! I thought there was going to be some relief after hours of LOUD whistling. Finally, there was a pause in silence, and at that moment the candy finally dissolved! But, wait, There's more....No, like there is literally more! You can enjoy hours of loud noises with a sweet after taste with this candy!

  • CottonCandy
  • Oregon
  • Age: 25-34
  • Purchased for: Me

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